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Looking for the perfect venue for your beloved son's barmitzvah? Planing a masked ball for adults but you just can't find the right place? Want to give the guests at your family celebration a once-in-a-lifetime experience that they won't forget quickly?


First of all, we wish you a big Mazal Tov. Your great event is approaching and we are happy that you've found your way to us, to the website of the most cutting-edge, modern events venue in Israel, Tel Aviv's Reading 3. If you have spent some time abroad in recent years, you are certainly aware that when it comes to events venues, Israel is still a few years behind the USA and Europe. Reading 3 opened five years ago with the aim of being the leading events venue in Israel and it has fulfilled this task well from the day it opened.



Here's to the big difference!


We're not exaggerating if we say that the difference between Reading 3 and every other events venue in Israel is apparent in the first moments of the tour. But just before you arrive for a visit, perhaps it's a good idea to prepare you for the experience. First of all, this is a vast venue covering nearly a thousand square meters, so you can definitely have an event with hundreds of participants with no difficulty and without feeling at all crowded. However, if you want to have a relatively intimate private event, an event for only one hundred guests can also definitely be organized here.

The site's elegance and prestigiousness are expressed in every aspect, from the exclusive bar that is certainly not characteristic of events venues in Israel to the boutique events' organizing service that Reading 3's professionals provide.‎ ‎



Speak to me with quality


Reading 3 meets all of today's accepted international standards in the field of events. So for example the sound system that was imported specially for the venue is regarded as the most advanced of its kind in the whole world. The system makes it possible to create a variety of sound areas so that in the area of the dance floor the sounds are powerful but sharp, while in the seating area it is possible to conduct a lively conversation without raising one's voice. Similarly Reading 3's modern kitchen creates delicacies for every event that compare not unfavorably with those served in Tel Aviv's gourmet restaurants. We could carry on elaborating on all the different aspects of the experience in the venue, but a picture is worth a thousand words and a visit to the site is worth all the words in the world. We invite you to contact our customer service to arrange a visit, come to Reading 3, be impressed and fall in love.

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