For five years Reading 3 has been the best and most luxurious events and performance space in Tel Aviv

The internal space consists of three platforms, is about 980 m2 and enables total flexibility in planning any event.

We have installed the most state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems in the world as well as a giant stage for the best performers in Israel and from abroad.


A venue for events


Reading 3 offers a rich, kosher cuisine, with a menu suited to every event and also bar services ranging from a basic bar

to premium drinks according to the customer's request. We have a skilled, professional, well-managed bar staff.


The site is located in the center of the metropolis, in the north of the renewed Tel Aviv Port, and is accessible for parking at any time.

Reading 3 is a leading venue for private and business events, launchings and parties.

Concept– and content–based events personally adapted to each customer's needs – exact matching of catering, lighting and music.


We have made available all our knowledge and experience in the field of producing events, and the best teams, from event managers and lighting and sound designers, to cleaning staff, in order to create a great, unforgettable experience for events that take place here.


Performances in Reading 3


The perfect venue for events in Tel Aviv


The Israeli events' market does not rest on its laurels and for several decades has constantly been developing impressively. No-one remembers the old "events' halls" any more, and the "events' gardens" that flourished in the 90s and at the beginning of the 21st century are already beginning to be regarded as a bit old-fashioned. As a nation that loves to celebrate and enjoys marking special events with celebrations of joy, food, music and alcohol, the Israeli public is always chasing after the perfect site for the next event. And we can't talk about perfection without mentioning the new, advanced events'