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Looking for the ultimate space to get together for a drink with the trustworthy, dedicated employees who have brought about the company's impressive achievements just as they do every year? Want to get to know a different level of hospitality in order to celebrate the welcome merger that you have managed to carry out recently? Do the members of the organization deserve to celebrate properly after a particularly successful acquisition?


If you too are fed up with run-of-the-mill business events that usually take place around a pool or in various beauty spots throughout the country in blazing sun, you've come to the right place.‎ ‎Reading 3's modern venue in Tel Aviv is the perfect space for business events at a different level and in a different atmosphere that is particularly suitable for those who believe in progressing with the spirit of the times and not resting on one's laurels. In Reading 3 there are three seating areas distributed over an area of 980 m2 and whether you're talking about a conference of one hundred business people or drinks for 700 employees, in every event this prestigious venue sets a new, higher standard for business events in Israel.



What is important when organizing a business event?


Whether you're talking about launching a new perfume, a PR event or any event for employees, the most important point you need to consider is the feeling that your guests will go home with. The spectrum of emotions can range from the bottom limit in which they feel that the whole event was a complete waste of time to the upper limit in which the employees and the various guests feel that effort was genuinely invested in them for the simple reason that they really deserve it. So how can one give the participants in the event the desired feeling that they were picked out specially and that you have done the best you could in order to honor them and pamper them? The answer is in the details. In order to provide the guests with an unforgettable experience the music has to be good, with high-quality sound, the venue's design up-to-date and impressive, the food has to be of the highest level in the field and at the end of the day every one of the guests has to feel that he or she has been invested in personally.



Business events in Reading 3


The most cutting-edge events venue of its kind in Israel is spread out over a vast area, which enables the events' managers to enjoy maximum flexibility in planning the event. The venue has a wide stage, and a sound system that was imported specially for the site and is regarded as the most advanced of its kind, which enables the event's organizers to bring various performing artists to the event in order to entertain the invited audience, to produce a karaoke event or to screen movies that relate to the company during the event. The kosher kitchen in the venue offers a wide variety of dishes and you can be sure that in the seating areas you can talk comfortably without raising your voice, unlike the usual standards in many events' sites in Israel.

We invite you to contact Reading 3's customer service department in order to receive further details and arrange a visit. We promise you that one look is enough in order to understand that this is the most prestigious, elegant and suitable venue for business events in Israel.



Catering and bar services


Our house catering service meets a huge variety of needs and is open to every possible option from a menu with full service, food stalls, a party menu, wandering waiters, etc.


The bar services given in Reading 3 are most professionally managed with a skilled, courteous staff who will make the experience even more perfect, from a basic bar to premium drinks at the highest level.

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