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Little Big

Little Big is the hottest Russian rave band that sounds on all European dance floors. Behind 2 albums, 3 hit singles, 12 explosive video clips, 800 million views on YouTube, and they do not stop there! The next big step of the group has already been taken - they have become an international sensation. 

In October 2018, Little Big released the second part of their third studio album, Antipositive, Pt.2. The album immediately climbed to 3rd place on the Apple Music chart in Russia. The viral video for the main single Skibidi instantly became a nationwide hit, which in just a week scored 23 million views on YouTube, and now this figure has exceeded 216 million! At the end of December 2018, the single officially received platinum status. The dance from the video has become the most popular meme in Russia: TV stars, popular rappers, opinion leaders - no one can resist Skibidi!

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