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21/6/2019 20:00 21:00 ישיבה ועמידה 280-450 ש"ח לרכישת כרטיס >>

Chizh & CO

Sergey Chigrakov (Siskin) has long not needed a performance. Multi-instrumentalist, composer, poet, vocalist, burst into the top league of Russian rock music in the mid-90s. A man who joins together the blues, rock, and lyrics and the innocence of the author's song.


His songs are sung with a guitar in the company, in karaoke clubs, and the lyrics are scattered on quotes.


Chizh companions are a great friend of our country. In 1998, the concert album New Jerusalem was released, recorded during the first Israeli tour of the group. Since then, the team regularly and with visible pleasure comes to our country on tour.


In 2014, Chizh and SB became the first Russian group to play a concert in the Judean Desert near Mount Iradion.


This time, as part of a tour of the 25th anniversary of the group, Chizh carries a program consisting of the best hits of the group. 2 backing vocalists were added to the group, one of which is Daria Chigrakova-daughter Chizh. in such a composition, the Israeli public will hear the collective for the first time.


Crazy drive, super energy and corporate "Chizhovsky" sound is what awaits those who can get to the concert.


Tickets for his concert, each time they fly very quickly, so go ahead and see you on the Anniversary !!!

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